I will show you the key metrics that Google looks at to rank a site, there is a plethora of reasons why that I will explain with this audit. Just put your information in and I will send you a detailed report that we can have a free consultation over to show you the main problems with your website. If you have any questions or are in a hurry call (309) 336-9327.

website seo audit template

This is a 4 phase audit that I will show you the main problems that you website is having. Common Issues include:

No Security Certificate - This leaves users unsure if they should disclose information on your website. Google also views having a certificate as a positive for ranking factors.

Sitemap - This is what Google's bots crawl to find your webpages, without this it can take up to weeks for your website to be indexed in Google.

Page Speed - If your website is loading slowly no one is going to be able to connect to it, let alone find information that is useful for them to contact you.